How We’re Different

Friendly, High-Quality Service from the Dental Team You Can Trust

At our Ft. Worth Dental Office, we aim to give you high-quality preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and prosthetic dental care in a friendly and relaxing environment.

We have a full-service, state-of-the-art dental office and a professional dental team to make sure you receive personalized treatment and comprehensive dental care.

Our Technology

Dr. Phillips and our clinical team keep updated with the latest developments and techniques in dentistry. We use panoramic X-rays, computers in all ops, and intra-oral cameras. We also have iPad patient education software and a TV in every operatory.

Thanks to the latest dental techniques and equipment intended for long-term function, we give you plenty of reasons to smile.

Our Patient Care

At General and Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Thomas Phillips’ office, when we say we are committed to provide optimal patient care and the best dental service possible, we mean exactly that.

“If it needs any warranty, we’re going to take care of it. If we do the work and they’re not happy with it, we’re going to redo it. If it’s something that we did a year or two ago that didn’t quite work out, we’re going to repair it with no charge. Every once in a while you do a crown that ends up getting infected or abscessed; we’re going to redo that, if we have to go through the crown we’re going to remake the crown. A new set of dentures will often require adjustments; we’re going to fix it until they are happy with it.” – Dr. Thomas Phillips

Quality Dental Treatment Is Within Your Reach

Our team of dental professionals believes that quality dental care for the entire family should always be within reach.

“We try to work with patients depending on economic background. We can do full mouth restoration depending on how they want to do that. If they’re having some difficulty with the costs, we try to offer anywhere from one to three options. We also have Care Credit which we can offer to patients as an option to be able to pay out their dentistry on a monthly payment plan.” – Dr. Thomas Phillips Jr.

Care Credit is the financing service that we use. If a patient needs dental treatment that’s more than they can handle, we’ll refer them to Care Credit. If they qualify, they can get a no interest loan that they can pay out over a year, and then we can get treatment started. We offer this as an alternative to out-of-pocket expense or paying by credit card.

We aim to give you plenty of reasons to smile. Call 817-335-1125 or visit us at 1436 West Pulaski Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104 to find out more about the services and patient care that make us stand out.

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